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Written by on October 4, 2020

Lee Miller Mod DJ


Today’s Barrelhouse presenter needs no introduction to anyone who’s touched the Mod scene over the last 30+ years.

One of the heaviest of the heavy hitting mod DJs spinning on the circuit today: ladies and gentleman, we give you Lee Miller.

Whilst we could wax lyrically about his career, collection and clubs, we thought we’d leave it to the man himself. Over to Lee…

‘I’ve always loved music. Even from an early age, Mum & Dad’s record collection saw me in front of the mirror, air guitar in hand. I started playing records at the local youth club in 1980, my musical tastes at the time being Madness, The Specials and other bands from the 2 Tone stable along with Prince Buster.The summer of 1981 saw a large amount of Mods on scooters frequenting the village I come from and was intrigued by what I saw and thought – ‘I want a piece of that!’

I started secondary school in the September, after spending the summer listening to The Jam, The Who & Small Faces and reading up on Mods. There were Mods everywhere at school, all from different villages, many of who are still life long friends. Through the older Mods, parents, aunties & uncles, many lessons were learned: the style, the music etc. My paper round money would buy me the 45s I needed at the time.

Over the years ’80 – ’86 any money, paper round, Saturday and school holiday work would get me threads and records. By 1984 I’d discovered record fairs and tried to get records I saw in the ‘Mods’ book and from the very educational, Kent LPs. Decades on, they still are. Somebody, Knight Ady!

So I’d say this is where my Black Gold obsession started. I just love to dig those crates, looking for those tracks you know, those you don’t and of course The Next Big Floorfiller!

My sets are always a mix of styles from under the big umbrella of Mod sounds, but mainly from the Soul, Jazz & Blues styles, with of course my passion for The Sound Of Young America.

Every time you open the playbox is an adventure, not knowing where you and your box of tricks is going. There have been so many, really great experiences and I have been honoured to DJ at so many events and clubs over the world over the past 25 years. Each one drawing a different reaction, whether it be a basement club or a large dancehall.

So expect to hear some great tunes and also a bit of info on the tracks that I play, along with a few anecdotes about where and who I heard play them first and even where I dug them out from.I’m honoured to have been invited to be a part of Barrelhouse Radio.’

Well that was Lee. We are absolutely delighted to have him onboard.

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